Serial Fiction

Rosé et Chevre

image:jp fosterson

Ansouis, France. 30 June, 2110.

The man’s hand enveloped Sarah’s as she took it. Large, broad-palmed, with long, straight fingers, muscular but soft, skin smooth and taut over the knuckles, it was a young man’s hand. Sarah’s first instinct was that he was full of shit, that she should flee.

Then he smiled again.

“You’re here now,” he said, keeping hold of her hand a moment longer than a handshake requires. “You’ve come all this way. You might as well come in.”

You’ve come all this way. The words struck Sarah with a heavy weight, more than the weight of…

Serial Fiction

Ellen’s Place

image: jp fosterson
From: Gloria Esperanza <>
To: Sarah Kumar <>
Date: 2110-06-05T09:00:53-0400
Subject: Final installment deposit, 538-Investigator Grant
Dear Ms. Kumar,Please be advised that the twelfth and final installment of your 538-Investigator grant has been deposited in the bank account on file for you with the program. Please confirm the deposit with your bank and contact us if there are any errors.Congratulations on the completion of your grant. The 538-Investigator Program considers it our privilege to fund high-quality research journalism. We look forward to seeing you present your work at the grant recipients' symposium in November. The…

Serial Fiction

The Man Who Went Over The Wall (cont.)

credit: jp fosterson

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In the Reddit folklore community /r/TMWOTW, a user going by the handle of /u/FrancoFonoFile had made a hobby of collecting first-person accounts of the legend from locals around France and other places in Europe. The collection supported the notion that it was a classic urban legend. Many people who repeated it swore that they knew someone who had met The Man, but if you managed to track down that person, they'd say, "No, but I know someone who's met him." …

Serial Fiction

The Man Who Went Over The Wall

credit: jp fosterson

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From: Gloria Esperanza <>
To: Sarah Kumar <>
Date: 2110-06-03T16:23:35-0400
Subject: 538-Investigator Grant Phase 2 Application Status
Dear Ms. Kumar,We regret to inform you that your application for a Phase 2 continuation of your 538-Investigator grant has not been approvedThis decision is not a statement on the quality of your current work. As you are aware, the 538-Investigator grant program was conceived as a prestigious single-year support grant for capstone-quality data-journalism projects. Limited funding is available for continuation grants, and we have more high-quality applications than we are able to fund. …

Serial Fiction

Capstone Proposal (cont)

Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash

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Justine Li-Delhomme, Sarah’s advisor, smiled back from the video call like always, the tableau behind her like a Hieronymus Bosch interpretation of a twentieth-century academic office. Each time Sarah looked, she found some detail she’d never seen before. On the bookshelf behind Justine, books short and tall stood across all the shelves, with more books lying cockeyed atop them. Where there were no books, there were stacks of papers. Where there weren’t papers, an endless, random population of knickknacks: African tribal art, sepia-toned globes of European explorers, native American jade sculpture; a replica Viking…

Serial Fiction

Capstone Proposal


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Bellevue, Washington, USA. September, 2109

At first, Tommy’s theory about Daniel Young and DY3x sounded crazy. It was crazy. Daniel Young could not be 140 years old. Nobody had ever made it past 122, even with the most modern rejuvenation techniques. Still, Sarah’s curiosity got the best of her. When she opened the site,, she half expected that she’d find fetish porn, and she’d have to congratulate Tommy on a troll well done. Instead, she found what he’d described: an eclectic blog with ten years of posts on U.S. …

Serial Fiction

Inflection Point

Photo by Carly Kewley on Unsplash

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Bellevue, Washington, USA. February, 2106

Sarah’s tablet dinged a notification: Tommy, texting her from the bathroom. She hadn’t noticed that he’d gotten up from the table. She’d been looking past him, past his empty tea mug, past the smattering of English muffin crumbs on and around his empty plate, past the frost-rimmed window, at the trees outside. The evergreens, boughs laden, white with snow, rose from the white ground to the white sky — -a bas relief of winter. A generation ago, lowland snows west of the cascades were so rare that…

Serial Fiction

Chasing a Ghost

credit: jp fosterson

[ ⏏️ Contents ]

Pertuis, France. 30 June, 2110

Sarah Kumar leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and did ten controlled breaths. Her taxi climbed up the D56 road heading north from the roundabout with the old boulangerie and, after leaving the residential speed zone, cruised up and over a low ridge, then started winding gently downhill between the vineyards. Her money was running out, and she felt no closer to finding the man she was looking for than she had been six months ago.

Something loose under the seat rattled whenever the taxi went over a bump. Between…

My collected short stories on Medium

Here is the listing of all my short fiction published on Medium as of this spring. They’re ordered by some combination of recency, popularity, and which ones I like best.

The Book

All but one of these stories can also be found in my new collection:

The Stories

Schrödinger’s Ham (15 min read, curated in Fiction and Family) — Fictionalized memoir. Family. Kids. This one was fun to write, and people seem to really like it. Published in Literally Literary.

Movie Stars and Planets (28 min read, curated in Fiction) — My favorite story so far, I think. Not science fiction, but sciency fiction…

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