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Capstone Proposal


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Bellevue, Washington, USA. September, 2109

At first, Tommy’s theory about Daniel Young and DY3x sounded crazy. It was crazy. Daniel Young could not be 140 years old. Nobody had ever made it past 122, even with the most modern rejuvenation techniques. Still, Sarah’s curiosity got the best of her. When she opened the site,, she half expected that she’d find fetish porn, and she’d have to congratulate Tommy on a troll well done. Instead, she found what he’d described: an eclectic blog with ten years of posts on U.S. …

Serial Fiction

Inflection Point

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Bellevue, Washington, USA. February, 2106

Sarah’s tablet dinged a notification: Tommy, texting her from the bathroom. She hadn’t noticed that he’d gotten up from the table. She’d been looking past him, past his empty tea mug, past the smattering of English muffin crumbs on and around his empty plate, past the frost-rimmed window, at the trees outside. The evergreens, boughs laden, white with snow, rose from the white ground to the white sky — -a bas relief of winter. A generation ago, lowland snows west of the cascades were so rare that…

Serial Fiction

Chasing a Ghost

credit: jp fosterson

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Pertuis, France. 30 June, 2110

Sarah Kumar leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and did ten controlled breaths. Her taxi climbed up the D56 road heading north from the roundabout with the old boulangerie and, after leaving the residential speed zone, cruised up and over a low ridge, then started winding gently downhill between the vineyards. Her money was running out, and she felt no closer to finding the man she was looking for than she had been six months ago.

Something loose under the seat rattled whenever the taxi went over a bump. Between…

My collected short stories on Medium

Here is the listing of all my short fiction published on Medium as of this spring. They’re ordered by some combination of recency, popularity, and which ones I like best.

The Book

All but one of these stories can also be found in my new collection:

The Stories

Schrödinger’s Ham (15 min read, curated in Fiction and Family) — Fictionalized memoir. Family. Kids. This one was fun to write, and people seem to really like it. Published in Literally Literary.

Movie Stars and Planets (28 min read, curated in Fiction) — My favorite story so far, I think. Not science fiction, but sciency fiction…

Holy crap, a book!

Just about three years ago, I published my first short story, The Plunge Pool, in Lit Up as a five-part serial. Since then, somehow, I’ve managed to write and publish some 50,000 words of short fiction in Medium. That’s enough for a book, I thought, so here it is.

In these eleven stories college students confront aggression and racism in rural Pennsylvania, a boy engages in a battle of wits with his father over a package of sliced ham, a married couple rekindle their love at the end of the world, a failed writer takes a film crew on a…

The lockdown was good for books

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

It’s now six weeks since my second shot of Pfizer vaccine, and a month since my wife’s second shot. My daughter, who just turned sixteen, is now half-vaccindated. It feels like spring after a long, dark cold winter.

There have been so many struggles, by us and by others, but one thing that kept me sane is that it’s been a great year for reading! For one thing, the pandemic convinced me, finally, to take advantage of Austin Public Library’s e-book lending program. Between the library and Project Gutenberg, I’ve barely paid for a book.

So, quickly, here’s a list…

A novelette in four chapters

The Net


Read Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III

It’s hard to keep track of time in the hot glow of the moment. Your heart rate rises and something dark wraps tentacles around you and reaches in and finds your adrenal gland and squeezes. Time dilates. The world burns and glows like the inside of a kiln. You swear that minutes have passed when in fact it’s only seconds.

Or maybe it’s the other way around. What seemed like seconds was really minutes.

In retrospect, I should have planned for it. I could have counted the seconds. I could have played the…

A novelette in four chapters

I like watching you drive


Read Chapter I, Chapter II

Lao Tzu says the way is to be like water. Water finds its way without trying. Somewhere between the stagnant swamp of the traffic jam and the smooth river of the wide-open road, there’s a place where the water can leap down between the boulders like a mountain stream. Getting through on a freeway with three or four lanes becomes a matter of strategy, tactics, of waiting for opportunities, then moving swiftly to take them. Some people would say that seven hundred and seventeen horsepower is wasted driving in highway traffic. I disagree.

After I…

A novelette in four chapters

Just Over The Horizon

Read Chapter I

By the end of my fourth trapeze class, I could hook my knees over the bar, and even let go with my hands and fly upside-down. I wouldn’t have admitted it then, but I was doing it all so Evette wouldn’t think I was afraid. Each time I arrived, she would greet me with that troublemaker smile. Afterward, when the room was still bathed in the arc-light of terror and adrenaline, she’d come and reward me with a warm hand on my arm and tell me how well she thought I was doing. Then we’d go get…

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