My Fiction | Spring 2021

My collected short stories on Medium

Here is the listing of all my short fiction published on Medium as of this spring. They’re ordered by some combination of recency, popularity, and which ones I like best.

All but one of these stories can also be found in my new collection:

Schrödinger’s Ham (15 min read, curated in Fiction and Family) — Fictionalized memoir. Family. Kids. This one was fun to write, and people seem to really like it. Published in Literally Literary.

Movie Stars and Planets (28 min read, curated in Fiction) — My favorite story so far, I think. Not science fiction, but sciency fiction. Published in Lit Up.

The Shade (21 min read, curated in Fiction, Space, Science, and Writing). Probably my best-crafted story. Near-future, hard science fiction. Very dark. Enter at your own risk. Published in P.S. I Love You.

Like Kohoutek (19 min read, curated in Fiction). Another story in the same semi-fictional timeline as The Plunge Pool (see below). It’s five years after the events of The Plunge Pool; Vin and Danny go on a another trip. Published in Lit Up.

The Fall and the Net (38 in read in four chapters, curated in Fiction). A novelette in four chapters telling the story of two people brought together by a shared addiction to risk.

A Man on a Mission (4 min read, curated in Fiction). Flash fiction. Memoir. As one reader noted, “The brotherhood is strong with this one.” Published in Literally Literary.

The Plunge Pool (35 min read). Also published as a five-part serial. Fictionalized memoir. An exploration of working-class vs. college-bound, urban vs. rural, fearful vs courageous, on a road trip to a rural swimming hole in western Pennsylvania in 1988. Published in Lit Up.

Unboxing Rose (8 min read)A short cyberpunkish sci-fi piece. Maybe the opening chapter of a future novel. Published in Lit Up.

Artist. Unknown. (16 min read) — A story about the conflict between love and one’s ambitions. Published in The Junction.

Racing the Avalanche (9 min read) — Lust vs. good sense. Just because someone looks like a man, doesn’t mean he’s not really still a boy. Published in P.S. I Love You.

Renew Online (6 min read) — I have this recurring dream that I’ve died. My purgatory is a DMV waiting area.

Selene and Endymion (2 min read)A short scene from the novel I’m working on, taken totally out of context as flash fiction or a prose poem. Published in P.S. I Love You.

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